Comprehensive Program Private and Duet Sessions

Comprehensive Program Private and Duet Sessions are 50 minutes long, facilitated on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Mat with a thoughtfully crafted series of exercises and stretches progressing with each subsequent session to enable you to reach your long term fitness and wellness goals. Comprehensive sessions will give you a full body workout with detailed focus on technique and alignment to ensure you are executing the exercises with precision in order to gain the most benefit from your committed Pilates practice.

You will work your intrinsic muscles to strengthen your body from the inside out. Each session will include extensive core and back strengthening as well as spinal articulation and lengthening exercises that will improve your posture and decrease back pain. If you are recovering from injury or illness, these sessions are appropriate for you to provide additional rehabilitation during the post-acute phase of your injury to promote healing. With your Comprehensive Program, you will receive education on safe alignment of your joints and biomechanics in order to apply this knowledge to your chosen sport, recreational activity and daily life for reduced risk of future injury and enhanced athletic performance.

Reformer Express Program Private and Duet Sessions

Reformer Express Program Private and Duet Sessions are 30 minutes of instruction on the Pilates Reformer. These sessions will provide you with a full body Pilates Reformer workout, sequenced to employ each muscle group working intrinsically from the inside out for the most benefit.

You will end with a cool-down series for stretching and lengthening of the targeted muscle groups. You will receive technique and alignment instruction within the flow of each exercise. These sessions are appropriate for people with limited time to devote to their Pilates practice. Please note, it will benefit you to have some Pilates experience prior to signing up for the Reformer Express Program. If you are completely new to Pilates, Downtown Pilates recommends three Comprehensive sessions prior to scheduling a Reformer Express session. When you have a foundation of proper technique, you will truly get the most out of your Reformer Express Program.

Everyone Needs a Friend

Interested in Duet Sessions? Plan your sessions with a friend or contact the studio. Downtown Pilates is happy to assist you with finding a partner.

Studio Policies

All sessions are by appointment only.

All sessions must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance of appointment time to avoid being charged for the session.

Packages expire 6 months from date of purchase.

NJ sales tax will be applied to certain merchandise items purchased in the studio.

Off-Site Classes

Off-Site Pilates Mat Classes are available for sports teams, groups, and companies.
Please contact for pricing.

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