Studio Mission

Downtown Pilates Studio Mission

At Downtown Pilates, sessions are taught on the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Mat. Downtown Pilates is equipped with a Studio Reformer and Pilates Trapeze Combination from Balanced Body, the industry leader in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art Pilates equipment. The Pilates apparatus enhances the mat work, facilitating both additional support and increased challenge. The Studio Reformer features a smooth and quiet ride on the carriage providing stable support, allowing you to concentrate fully on your exercises without distraction. The Reformer Trapeze Combination is both a Studio Reformer and a Cadillac in one apparatus, with quick and easy conversion during sessions. The Cadillac provides assistance during stretching and exercises and also added challenge for advanced work in multiple planes of movement. Modeled on Joseph Pilates’ original Wunda Chair, the Combo Chair features both a single pedal for traditional Wunda Chair exercises, and a split pedal with multiple resistance settings for more versatility with contemporary choreography to increase challenge and range of motion.

With skilled guidance, you will move efficiently through the exercises, adhering to the Classical Principles set forth by Joseph Pilates for the most benefits of your program. Your program will be created especially for you to achieve your goals in a private and personal setting. A committed practice of Pilates is beneficial across all populations: novice practitioners at any age, individuals rehabilitating after injury, and elite athletes.

Studio sessions are by appointment only. You choose to participate in the Comprehensive Program or Reformer Express Program.

With the Comprehensive Program, you will explore biomechanics and technique in detail in order to obtain the most benefit from your practice. You will improve your posture and decrease pain caused by repetitive misuse or acute injury. You will rehabilitate your body from the negative affects of imbalance and poor alignment. With a thoughtfully crafted Comprehensive program, you will set and meet achievable goals. Pilates will affect all areas of your life: the way you perform sports, recreation and daily life activities.

With the Reformer Express Program, you will receive a full body workout on the Pilates Reformer in a condensed amount of time. You will learn proper technique and alignment to ensure you are performing the exercises safely and effectively. This program is a wonderful complement to your athletic activities and established fitness routines.

Regardless of the Program you choose, Downtown Pilates assures you that with committed and consistent Pilates sessions, you will experience life-changing benefits.

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